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From award winning Nutt-e and Sponge Toffee to whimsical PB & J Bites and Amigos, our line up is always fun, definitely delicious and made from our very own recipes. Inspired by childhood memories of birthdays, fairs and celebrations, we hope you share our enthusiasm and love of good chocolate. We create some truly unique confections using over 25 years experience in chocolatiering combined with over 40 years of bakery knowledge! All our products are made in Canada.

A confectionary line sprung from the mind of Dufflet Rosenberg of Dufflet Pastries®. These treats are inspired from childhood memories of birthdays, fairs and celebrations and are all natural, made from scratch and never contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Discover her award winning confections that have been written about from the New York Times to Food and Wine!

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