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Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is the new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar!

Traditionally, families get together to celebrate and bring in the new year with lucky food and red pocket money so that the rest of the year will be prosperous and happy.  Homes are cleaned to sweep out the bad luck before the year starts and many decorate their houses with red paper cutouts, banners and special New Year paintings with good luck sayings.  Each lunar year is on a twelve month cycle that celebrates an animal that corresponds to the year of your birth. This year the animal is the Rooster (or chicken) and you’ll find their figures every where the new year is celebrated.

With a quick search online, it’s easy to find all the food and symbols that will bring you luck and fortune.

Increasingly, the influence of Western culture has appeared in the good luck food category and now you can find chocolate coins and sweets with Chinese symbols on them that are shared amongst friends, family and coworkers to spread the celebrations.

To all who celebrate, Gong Hei Fat Choi!